VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog for Visual Studio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Verilog and SystemVerilog support is still in an early preview phase. It will be enhanced and extended continuously.


» Is Visual Studio Code supported?
» What are the system requirements?
» Which versions of Visual Studio are supported?
» Do I need a license of Visual Studio?
» Does it run under Linux (wine)?
» How do I install the Standalone Version of V3S?
» How do I install the extension in Visual Studio?
» How do I install a license?
» How do I uninstall the extension?
» Can I use Visual Studio's Extension Manager to obtain V3S?
» How do I get started after the installation?
» Why do the files have different sizes depending on the version of Visual Studio?


» Do I need a license in any case?
» Which licensing options are there?
» Are there educational/student licenses?
» How are licenses bound to a user/work station?
» Where do I find the MAC-address?
» How can I obtain a trial license?
» Does the trial license have any restrictions?


» Does V3S require internet access?
» What about the privacy policy?
» What about warranty and liability?
» Which VHDL standards are supported?
» Do you recommend additional Visual Studio extensions?
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