VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog for Visual Studio

Overview Video

This short video introduces V3S to you in a most concise way. In a couple of minutes you will get a good overview to the features that V3S offers to you. By implementing a test design the video demonstrates how efficiently you will be working with V3S. Using code snippets, renaming, Goto Definition, Find All References, Library/Hierarchy Views, creating Testbenches, and many others features will surely guarantee you a major boost in coding efficiency and comfortability.

Tutorial Video

New Project Wizard, Solution Explorer & Property Window, Navigation Bars, Quickinfo/Tooltip, Goto Definition/Code Navigation, Code Folding/Outlining, Tuple/Brace Highlighting, Expression Evaluator, Code Snippets (synchronous process, case statement, component instances), Code Completion/Autocomplete, Syntax/Semantic Error Checking, Number Conversion, Syntax/Semantic Highlighting, Record Resolution, Smart Indentation, Block Selection.

The Coolest Features of V3S

Shortly introduces some of the coolest features of V3S: Colorization, Record Resolution, Snippets, Code Navigation, Create Testbench, QuickSearch, Find all References, ...

Non-Obvious Features of V3S

Number conversion, expression evaluation, quicksearch, testbench, hierarchy/library views, smart indentation (temporary disable), code metrics, naming checks

What's New in V2.0

Parameter help, Identify unused symbols, improved code folding, improved expression evaluator, improved type resolution

What's New in V2.1

Capitalization Rules, Improved formatting, automatic code completion, block indentation, templates
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