What does ViDE-Software offer?

ViDE-Software provides extensions to enhance existing source code / text editors. I specialized on HDL design: My extensions provide sophisticated code-editing features like rename, find all references, syntax checks, etc. for VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog.

What is V4P?

V4P (VHDL for Professionals) is an extension for Visual Studio Code which brings the VHDL programming language to multiple platforms. Tight integration into VSC as well as a rich and modern feature set ensure a most effective way to realize your VHDL projects.

What is V3S?

V3S (VHDL and SystemVerilog for Visual Studio) is an extension for Microsoft's most excellent Visual Studio. It enables programmers to use VS as code editor for VHDL/(System)Verilog projects. V3S offers many sophisticated features for efficiently coding HDL.