• Licenses are bound to a single person
  • You can use both V3S and V4P at the same time with just one license

Student Educational Private Professional Ultimate
Validity (Months)
How long is the license valid, starting from the day of purchase?
On how many workstations can the license be installed? Licenses are node-locked using the MAC address.
How many persons are allowed to use the license (even if on the same or on different workstations)?
No Popup-Window
Indicates whether the popup-window is shown for some time after each startup.
Commercial Use
Does the license include commercial usage? If not, the license must only be used for educational/private purposes.
Full Functionality
Are all features supported by the respective license?
Software Updates
Does the license allow to install software updates?
Locking Mechanism
How is the license bound to a specific workstation?
MAC  - MAC  MAC  4x MAC 
Free! Free! €30 / $42 €190 / $240 €250 / $310
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  1. Educational licenses are for lecturers of HDL teaching classes. The lecturer is allowed to install the license on all workstations in the lab, and even give the license to all participating students for their private computers.
  2. Private and Educational Licenses are for private/educational, i.e. non-commercial, use only.
  3. Ultimate Licenses can be installed on up to four workstations, but are still bound to a single person. This is usefull if you have, e.g., a stationary PC and a laptop at work, and probably also want to use the license with your private equipment at home.
If you feel the need for a custom license type (i.e., your situation is not covered by one of the above plans, node-locking is not practical for you, etc.), feel free to  »contact me. I will try my best to suit your needs and find a reasonable solution.