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About Me

NameDipl.-Ing. Dr. Markus Ferringer

Education 2000-2006Technical Computer Science, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
2006Master Degree, finished with distinction
Thesis: An Asynchronous Hardware Design for Distributed Tick Generation
2008-2011Postgraduate study of Technical Computer Science, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
2012Doctoral Degree, finished with distinction
Thesis: Asynchronous Logic in Real-Time Systems

Projects » V3S - A high-end plugin for Visual Studio for VHDL, Verilog, ans SystemVerilog support
» V4P - A high-end extension for Visual Studio Code for VHDL support
» Planet Defense - An addictive tower-defense clone for mobile devices and tablets
» Space Cruiser - Funny space-based game for mobile devices and tablets

Experience During my time at university (and also during various internships in those years) I managed to intensify my knowledge concering VHDL-based hardware design. I have since worked five years for  »TTControl /  »TTTech as off-highway embedded engineer, where I gained much experience in embedded systems programming, hardware design, testing, certification, linux driver programming, application programming, and project management. Since 2011 I am working at  »Riedel Communications as (VHDL-) hardware enginner in the area of video- and audio networking. Besides FPGA development, firmware development as well as user application design are also part of my duties.


I always found that existing VHDL editors are not at all comparable to state-of-the-art IDEs (like Visual Studio, e.g.). I am a professional VHDL engineer, thus the feature set of V3S/V4P is driven by the years of experience I already have (and the years that hopefully will come...) in this field. I am well aware that a tool like this will never be entirely finished. There will always be features missing, and there will always be bugs.

I am developing V3S/V4P in my spare time, which severly limits my time budget. However, I will of course try my best to meet your expectations and provide a well-tested, rich-featured product. I offer Trial Licenses in order for you to test the software before you buy it. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly test V3S and decide for yourself if it is worth the price.

In any case - enjoy V3S/V4P, I am sure you will like it. I am always happy to get feedback (good as well as bad one), please send an email to!